Barbara Majder is a painter and the creative director Majder.online.

The idea for the brand began in a very simple way. She says; I don’t like to shop and I am very picky about what I wear. I tend to choose unique pieces that while great to be worn can be difficult to match and use daily.  
I knew immediately my goal for the collection would be to combine practicality without losing the bespoke feel of a unique piece. 

The collection covers a broad gamut of ideology drawn from my personal interests, with my innate ability to select colours that one may not consider a perfect match. 

I invest heavily in my colour choices mating and developing new shades regularly. It is often the colour's in our pieces that strike people first. 
All the T-shirts and sweatshirts are hand-painted by her and no piece is the same.
#artwear #BeArt 
All clothes are made of high quality 100% organic cotton. 
Each collection will be provocative, intriguing and extraordinary, combined with an abstract and modern style.   
The characteristic look being the Majder's signature brush paint. 

10% of profits will be donated to national geographic. 

Est. 2020 based in London